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Your stories

Welcome, this part of the hope project is called "your stories". Here you can submit your own story anonymously and if you choose it will be posted here. You can write about anything from your mental health struggles and feelings, bullying, school stress, something traumatic that happened to you etc. This is a way to talk about something that you are too scared to tell anyone. You can also read other peoples story's because maybe you will relate and wont feel so alone. Whatever your story is we are here to listen and it matters. Please press the link to be taken to where you can submit your story.

"i’ve been suffering from mental health issues for about 3 years and been struggling with self harm & suicidal thoughts for most of that time. one day last year i had just had enough and i’d completely given up & lost hope that anything would get better, that night i made an attempt on my life which then landed me in hospital requiring treatment. for anyone considering taking their lives please give life another shot, i know things are unimaginably tough for you right now but things can improve with time and the right help. you matter, you’re strong and the world is a better place with you in it. keep fighting <3"

I Have struggled with mental health for years, it has been the hardest thing I have had to go through because I felt so alone even when people tried to help me. I feel like I completely lost myself in the last year and I am depressed and anxious all the time Or i just feel numb and that is even worse. I have had many suicide attempts and I’ve been hospitalised too. I have support from my family and friends and as much as they try they can’t help. My suicidal thoughts got so much stronger and keeping going every day feels like I’m running a marathon. It is getting better it’s just hard. I know I will be happy one day, it’s just so hard waiting for that. If you are struggling your not alone keep flighting xxx

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Hi, this is my story . As a kid I had a hard time growing up ,I was told I couldn’t do many things and they didn’t think I could ever. I have spina bifida. Spina bifida is a diagnosis made by doctors while your in the womb or as soon as your born or so they said when I was a kid ,but now you can be diagnosed later on in life. I was diagnosed when I turned two, they kept telling my mother there was nothing wrong with me but there was. It’s been hard growing up through being judged out in public to getting bullied in school to being treated totally differently and it’s not fair. People consider me lucky because there’s other people who have it way worse than me and I know that. I’m considered lucky compared to them because I’m able to walk I’m able to live my life and I’m great full for that . We shouldn’t be treated differently. As I’m still in secondary school the battle isn’t over yet but you have to keep going. I am going to reach the gold underneath the rainbow 🌈 That is my story

The past 3 or 4 years I have dealt with poor mental health, I've went to different organisations for therapy. I struggled with suicidal thoughts and wouod consider acting on them on a daily basis. I would harm myself and there were days where j wanted to do nothing but stay in bed away from the world.But after a while of therapy,understanding how I was feeling I did get better. Cracks can't fully heal but I know I'm a lot happier than before all because I hoped and worked hard to be where I am today. There is light at the end of a tunnel and once you realise your not alone that's your first step in the right direction.

I have tried to end my life 7 times, the last time I was in hospital for a good while. I still think about doing it again but then I remember  all the people I would be leaving behind and I cant do that to them. People say it will get better but i know it will take a lot of time to get there but I know I can do this. YOU HAVE GOT THIS I BELIEVE IN YOU !

I have struggled with my mental health since the age of 12, I am now almost 30 and have a list of diagnosis. Right now every second of every day is a struggle. but I know I've survived 18 years of this so to give up now would throw all of that away. I just want it to get better. I'm Tired of fighting. I have had periods of happiness so i know that will come back One day but its so hard to focus on that when things get so dark.

my story began when i was 10 years old when i was sexually abused by one of my brothers friends, it happened on multiple occasions and didn’t really hit me until i was 14 or 15. i began becoming really anxious and on edge as well as suffering from depressive episodes. during that time, i started self harming as a way to cope. it was when i was 16 when i started experiencing suicidal thoughts which consumed my mind all the time. i’m currently 17 and am still battling with my mind, suicidal thoughts and the thought of relapsing. i hope to everyone who is reading this that you are well and you stay strong. you are so valued. you are so worthy. and i love you so much that is my story x

I recently lost my uncle to cancer and it fully destroyed me, i ended up shutting myself away and turning to self harm as i couldn't even start to explain the feelings in me. But there is always a light at the end of the tunnel even when its beyond hard to find, but throughout it ive learnt theres always going to be someone there to help you and get you back on the right track x

"I’ve been struggling my whole life with my mental health I grew up with drug addicted parents and the trauma and pain from that really broke me I found one of my parents almost dead one day but I never really understood half of it tell I got older it only got worse when I started secondary school I spiralled into a bad depression I started self harming and developing my own mental issues on top of the trauma I grew up with the pain I felt inside broke me racing sad thoughts 24 hours of the day and I jsut couldn’t think about anything else I tried loads of things to help me but nothing stopped I had restless nights and a  chest filled with axienty all the times I was sent to camhs and told them all of my story and I was told I was looking for attention at that point I felt so alone that I was nearing a attempt on my life i tried peita house they where good but it Only helped for a few hours to share my story but it dint change anything for me I was so tired of it all I left school stopped doing the things I loved and I felt so bad because most of the pain I was feeling was projected onto others with anger and I just wanted to scream my pain out but I jsut couldn’t in fear of being judged every day was a loop i simply thought nobody would care and when I came home every day or night I had nobody to turn to because my parents would be on drugs or asleep because they where taking drugs the night before. I grew up so quick because of all this I still struggle to this day but I’m getting better now the scars I have are just battle scars and it reminds me everyday that I’m strong because look what I got myself through makes me feel so proud of myself because I’ve been through the unthinkable sad life and I somehow pulled through -HOLD ON PAIN ENDS"

Your Stories

Thank you, You are very brave.

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