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About the Hope project is a mental health resource website created by Charlotte McDonnell, a teenager from Tipperary, Ireland. The website offers support and information for those struggling with mental health issues in Ireland, with an emphasis on providing hope and encouragement.

The website features articles on a range of mental health topics, including depression, anxiety, and suicide prevention. These articles aim to provide information and practical advice on managing mental health issues. The website also offers a directory of mental health support services available in Ireland, including phone and online support services.

 The website's message of hope and encouragement can be especially beneficial for young people who may be experiencing mental health challenges for the first time.

Overall, is a valuable resource for those seeking support and guidance on mental health issues in Ireland. The website's emphasis on hope and the availability of resources and information can be a lifeline for anyone struggling with their mental health.

In 2020 the Hope project was created on Instagram. It started off as just sharing quotes, helpline numbers for Ireland and spreading awareness on mental health and suicide.
I came up with the idea due to my own struggles with mental health and the system in Ireland. I wanted people to know they aren't alone and there's support there .

In January 2022 I created the hope project website, I was still struggling with my mental health but I wanted a reason to keep going so I really pushed myself and made the hope project bigger and better. I got in contact with TDs, HSE and many other people to tell them a change needs to be made to the mental health system in Ireland as the current system is not working and adolescents are being left alone when they need these services.

The website was created with the idea to have a safe place online for people worldwide to go to when they may be struggling. The project then went onto TikTok.
From TikTok the hope project gained a bigger following.

In the summer of 2022 I opened a shop to sell items to raise money for suicide prevention posters, website upgrades, future events etc.
The Hope project hoodie was the first item to be created. The idea of it was that if someone was wearing the hoodie and other people who may be struggling saw it, they may think that it does get better and take it as a sign to keep going.

The hope project now runs itself, I do update the website once or twice a month and I'm always posting on the Instagram and TikTok.

I couldn't have created the project without the support from my friends, family and especially the followers of the hope project.
I hope to help many more people in the future with the hope project and the message will always stay the same. -
HOPE - Hold On, Pain Ends.
You will get through every hard day. The pain you may be feeling now wont last forever. Stay strong.

I'm proud of you all.

- Charlotte Mac


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